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About Jolanie

Certified Wim Hof Method Instuctor
Transformational Life Coach
Survival Instructor

Jolanie, born South African, has learnt to live without fear, by continuously expanding her boundaries.

From climbing a snowy cold mountain at minus 20 C, during winter in Poland, barely dressed, to solo backpacking and wild-camping – chasing after the Midnight Sun, in the Lofoten Islands.

She has traveled, worked and lived across the globe for 15 years. As an entrepreneur, working in the Nutraceutical Industry, she
also facilitated retreats and workshops, working alongside International pioneers in the field of Health and Wellness. She is a warm hearted, down to earth person, who’s experienced her own downfalls in life. End 2018, she returned to South Africa.

Ready to share her experiences, skills and knowledge of “whatever it takes”, she now facilitates powerful transformational workshops and retreats to teach “all walks of life” to overcome fears, anxiety and depression and live in truth, happiness, strength, and health.

Unlock The Benefits

The Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof – The Iceman – from circus act to scientific breakthrough and global health leader, has developed a method characterized by simplicity and effectiveness.  Wim has not only helped scientific understanding, but also achieved extraordinary feats, including 21 Guinness World Records.

Wim’s motto is: “what I am capable of, everybody can learn” and made it his mission to share what he has learned with the world. He teaches people from all over the world, from celebrities to professional athletes and people from all ages to control their body, mind to unlock their true potential and achieve extraordinary things.

About The Wim Hof Method

What is the Wim Hof Method?

In simple words, the WHM is a way to keep your body and mind in its optimal natural state. The Method is based on three powerful pillars: breathing exercises, training of mindset/concentration and gradual exposure to the cold.

There are various methods that separately deal with breathing techniques, the training of mindset/concentration, or exposure to the cold. As far as we know, there is no method with an interactive basis between these three components. It is the very interaction of these components that appears to provide proof of the positive effect on the body, as shown by several scientific studies.

What are the benefits of the Wim Hof Method?

• Increased energy
• More focus and mental clarity
• Better sleep
• Reduced stress levels
• General well-being
• Improved athletic performances
• Stronger immune system
• Enhanced cardiovascular system
• More resistance to altitude sickness

Where can I find a Wim Hof Method qualified instructor?

Jolanie Grobbelaar has been practicing, and studying the WHM for the past 6 years. She completed her Advanced training in The Netherlands and Master Module Training in Poland to be certified as an official Wim Hof Method Instructor. She currently resides in the Western Cape, South Africa, where she facilitates workshops and retreats to guide people from all walks of life.


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